New Health Service Website

Deer Lake Health Services launched their website. Check it out, click on the DEER LAKE HEALTH link

thank you

Treaty Day '07

Deer Lake Community Celebrated Treaty Day on May 31, 2007, Games, Bingo, and burger stands were held at the Deer Lake School yard and indoors. It wasn't like it was years ago when we celebrated Treaty Day, we had more games, more prizes to be won and more people staying just to enjoy the celebration. I still remember those days, the loonie fishing, the ring tosses, bean bag tosses, Elders doing the hula hoop or sucking on a bottle just to get a prize, adult musical chairs. It was awesome then, past is the past, just have to remember it

Community Clean-Up

Deer Lake First Nation held it's annual community clean-up on Tuesday, May 15, 2007. Community staff such as Garage, Housing, Nursing Station, Health Office had their designated areas to clean. Trucks, were driven around doing pick-ups along side the road where workers had piled the garbage and taken to the dump. After all was done, people were to head to the intersection where the elders and adults were cooking fish, bannock dogs and hamburgers. Pictures have been posted up

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